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How does it Work?

How does an online coaching work?

We help you connect to experts with just a few clicks. All you have to do is select the category and choose the expert. Once payment is made, our coach will be informed. Immediately after that, the coach will be available to talk to you.

Will online coaching be able to solve my issue?

Our experts will give you qualified advice and will help you solve your problems in the best possible way.


Are your experts qualified?

We have a thorough verification process for every expert on Neurorewire. Any expert that you consult with is a verified practitioner in their area of expertise with all their qualifications documents manually and electronically verified by our team. We also take feedback from app users to ensure that experts maintain high standards on online coaching.


Is online consultation private on Neurorewire?

Every consultation on Neurorewire is completely private & confidential. We take your privacy very seriously, and we are compliant with industry standards to ensure your consultations are secured with end-to-end encryption.

Do you have a refund policy?

We have a refund policy. If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your online coaching, simply reach out to us for support, and we’ll try our best to provide a resolution.


Can I get free coaching online?

We run offers and promotions on the app for free and discounted coaching. Please download our app, and log in to stay updated.

Get started as an Expert

How do I get started on Neurorewire?

Just download the free Neurorewire app from the AppleStore/PlayStore and select your area of expertise. Fill in mandatory information about your experience, availability, charges and more.


What all features are available to me to coach online?

Phone Call, Chat and Video Call are available on our platform. This will help you understand the problem and the best advice..


Are there any rules/guidelines I need to adhere to, when coaching online?

You are an expert in your area and through your experience, you would know the professionality of tone and language.

Explain the advice: Ensure that your advice is well understood by the user and there is no confusion.

No SMS lingo chatting: Keep the language clear and easy to understand for all. Please use correct spelling and grammar while conversing.