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about Zaina

Internationally renowned for her outstanding success within different complex cases Zaina Attar has a unique approach to therapy & creating new neuropathways in the brain & overcoming traditional medical difficulties through her uniquely person centred approach & behavioural strategy.

Zaina Attar is an Entrepreneur, Neuro-Behaviour Coach, behaviour strategist, celebrity life & business coach. Specialising in complex neurological deficit cases Zaina Attar has always welcomed unexplained cases that challenge the traditional medical field.

From complex challenging cases of Autism, developmental delay, Down syndrome, rare genetic disorders, severe brain damage, coma patients, various speech disorders, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, multiple sclerosis, stress & creating new neuropathways in the brain to Life coaching, weight management & all behaviour retraining or training issues.

She is trained in Psychology, Neuroscience, NeuroLinguistic Programming, child education, various behaviour sciences & therapies, Hypnotherapy & Train the Trainer. Attending many conferences, workshops & seminars she keeps up to date with the latest scientific findings & adds to her vast repertoire of knowledge.

Zaina practices in Harley Street London & is also a mobile practitioner who can visit you in your home. As well as providing a London based service, Zaina travels to a number of international locations & will deliver the same services available in London to her internationally client list & train any home staff as needed.

Current clients include many from international locations such as the Middle East, Russia, EU, America, and Levant region. Zaina works with both genders children & adults.

Proudly rising to any medical challenge she offers a consistent successful services anywhere & everywhere worldwide in Arabic & English. Her clients have always left feeling reborn & love to keep in contact with their new exciting adventures and progress.

Psychology-,Autism specialist - Life, Business, relationship and business Coaching - Hypnotherapy and complex medical cases

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