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David Wyatt

Transformational Coaching
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about David Wyatt

Hi, I’m David Wyatt.

My mission, to transform the lives of one million people.

I was diagnosed with Aspergers/High Functioning Autism at the late age of 37. I spent most of my young life living in a world of constant anxiety and stress, I used to think I lived in a universe that wasn't meant for me. I was very much a 'Clark Kent' longing to be Superman.

I would spend everyday trying to get out of the way, looking forward to that 'resting state' where I could go back to my room and be on my own, where no-one would bother me and I was left alone. I was incredibly unhappy.

As I grew up I tried to make more of myself, but, I had not addressed the problems in my life that were really bothering me. Eventually I became a drug addict, ruined my business, my marriage and pushed away all those close to me. When I felt I couldn’t take it anymore I attempted suicide and was fortunately rescued.

I knew I couldn’t keep going on like this, I was deeply depressed and knew if I kept doing what I had done, I would only ever get what I had got.

I asked myself the question ‘What might the best me look like?, what if I…

I have:

  • Overcome gambling, alcohol and drug addictions
  • Lost over 100kg in weight
  • Expanded my world and learnt how to learn
  • Gone from barley verbal to public speaker
  • Learn to focus on my own development and empower myself
  • I have remapped my mind and overcome stress and anxiety
  • Learnt to love failure and see it as a part of growth
  • I have transformed my live, changed my community and learnt how to empower others.


I passionately want to help you discover yourself, transform your life and release your potential for the better of all. It doesn’t have a be a mountain.

David Wyatt

Transformational Life Coach, Business Coach
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