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Syeda Fatima

Mind Map Coaching
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about Syeda Fatima

I am a certified & experienced Hypnotherapist & NLP, CBT, EFT Practitioner. I combine all these techniques to provide instant and long-lasting transformations! I am not your usual coach who is your accountability partner and guides you through talk alone about managing your strategies. I do the work in your subconscious mind so that you don't consciously have to feel all the overwhelm, yet still attain the desired results!
I absolutely hate limiting beliefs as they cause unnecessary pain and delays in the path of success and I am extremely passionate about shattering them into bits and pieces for myself and for everyone else around me! It is like a juicy fruit ninja game for me where I slice open those limiting beliefs and shatter them into pieces so that new & required beliefs can be instilled to achieve your dream life!

Message me and I will come running with my tool kit to shatter your limiting beliefs into pieces! You won't believe how your life will transform with simple little tweaks in your subconscious mind:)

Overcome Limiting Beliefs & Blocks

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