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Silvana Arbak
Silvana Arbak

Silvana Arbak
Branding and Creative Mindfulness Specialist

I’m a Graphic Designer, former art director, photographer, artist, dancer, yoga, and meditation practitioner. I also embarked on my journey on spirituality, personal development, business development, financing, and online marketing in recent years. 
Since my teenage years, I’ve been studying the infinite power of the mind that transformed me into a powerful manifestor.

I provide consulting in the area of branding and logo design. I help entrepreneurs to brainstorm logo ideas and the steps to create an online presence for their business.
We create clarity on their goals, a strong identity, and a visual presentation of their business. When needed, I offer a process where I take them out of “stagnant ideas” to unleash the full potential of their business and implement promoting it.
 I have 25 years of experience in the design, print, advertising, and online industries. The projects I handle are diverse, from logo design, corporate identity, product development, product photography, packaging to web design and online marketing.

 After many years of yoga practice, meditation, and searching for my spiritual path, I combined these elements with my artistic side and fascination for sacred geometry.
It resulted in sessions where my clients and I explore the art of creative mindfulness in a combination of art, mediation, and mindset training.
As a result of my sessions, people come through the most amazing insights and new levels of awareness. They usually discover things they didn’t know about themselves; we focus on the good ones:). Some learn how to stay in the present moment, regain focus and clarity.
Some use this time as an act of self-love or share this experience with their kids, which brings an opportunity to bond, a spike of creativity exposing them to the benefits of producing art.
 Levels of anxiety go down, and it’s an excellent experience to gain calmness and joy.
 It’s a great solution to create a meditative state of mind for those who have challenges in their meditation practice but want to enjoy its benefits.

Workshops/ Seminar