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Creative mindfulness and the art of manifestation by design

Starting at: $120

about Creative mindfulness and the art of manifestation by design

 After many years of yoga practice, meditation, and searching for my spiritual path, I combined these elements with my artistic side and fascination for sacred geometry.
It resulted in sessions where my clients and I explore the art of creative mindfulness in a combination of art, mediation, and mindset training.
As a result of my sessions, people come through the most amazing insights and new levels of awareness. They usually discover things they didn’t know about themselves; we focus on the good ones:). Some learn how to stay in the present moment, regain focus and clarity.
Some use this time as an act of self-love or share this experience with their kids, which brings an opportunity to bond, a spike of creativity exposing them to the benefits of producing art.
 Levels of anxiety go down, and it’s an excellent experience to gain calmness and joy.
 It’s a great solution to create a meditative state of mind for those who have challenges in their meditation practice but want to enjoy its benefits.

Creative Mindfulness

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