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This tab gives a glimpse of the profile of the expert. Further functionalities include the following:

Share profile link- Share your profile link with your existing clientele to bring them to the platform. The link is created automatically when the expert signups to the platform.

Records of the chats- Next to the share profile link we have 4 blocks for the record of the chats which are classified in 4 major sections

  1. Response rate-  
  2. Total chats- it gives you total chats happening till date.
  3. Unread Messages- 
  4. Active Chats- The chats that are active.

On duty- Just above the total chats we have on duty option, which can be activated and deactivated by the expert according to their availability.

Your earning- It keeps the record of the transactions done and further includes details like;

1.Total earning- Total amount of transactions till date.
2.This month- Total amount of transactions in the following month.
3.Previous month- Total amount of transactions in the previous month.



In this section you can see all your bookings including appointments and group sessions. It is further subdivided into 3 subsections

Ongoing bookings- The booking that has already started comes under this section. A meeting goes in this section when the meeting starts.From here an expert can start the meeting.

Upcoming bookings– The bookings that are scheduled in future come under this section.

Past bookings– All the past bookings or the bookings which are done in the past come under this section.



Through this section, the expert can create a listing for himself to render his services to users.
Please note: Only when an expert posts his listing, users you will be able to book his services. For it is instant chat or scheduled appointments.



In this section, experts can create a course. To create a course the expert needs to click on Create Course>

Select category> Fill the required fields on the left side like name of the course, price, description, language and long description.
In the right side of the page the expert has to upload an image which suits the most to the course and can attach a video.


This section an expert can see the details of the courses enrollers. Such as the name of the course purchased, who enrolled in the course, price , date of enrollment and the course completed by the enrolled customer.



This is the section where an expert can involve with the customer by sharing posts. This section focuses on the engagement of the experts with their users and the experts can promote himself to your potential customers through social media


Visit the account section to setup your profile . Add a profile picture and cover image for your profile and create your own storefront within the marketplace.



Manage all configurations related to the expert dashboard through this section. Configurations include:

A. Choosing a  language : Here an expert can choose the preferable language from the various languages enabled by the admin

B. Setting your work currency: Here the expert can choose the currency that he/she wants to use on the platform.

C. Setting up Working hours- Setting up working hours is a very crucial part of configuring the expert dashboard. Working hours define your availability hours for users to book appointment/ consultations with the expert.
A user will be unable to book an appointment with an expert, outside of his working hours

D. Zoom configuration- Experts have the option to configure zoom and give consultations through zoom.

Experts can configure ZOOM through the following steps;
>Go to Develop > View App Types
>Under JWT, click ‘create’
>Name the app (i.e.: Redwine)
>Fill out contact info (name, email, your business name) and Press Continue
>See App Credentials; plug them into Redwine platform

E. My Packages- The expert can create a package of their sessions and appointments and post it for the users to avail the services. The same will be reflected  when the customer goes to the expert’s profile.

F.Promo codes– Define promo codes to be used by Customers during checkout. Promo code contains a variety of features: from fixed discount to percentage discount, time till the code is active, maximum discount amount allowed, minimum order amount on which promo code can be applied, whether promotion is public, auto apply or hidden and many other features.

In order to create a promo code.
>Click on create promo code
>Choose where to apply promo code(on course or listings)
>Chose promotion type (flat or percentage)
>Add other details like name,description, validity,mode etc.

G.Google calendar- Expert can sync their google calendar with the panther dashboard to keep a track of  scheduled bookings  and get calendar notifications.
Please note: The option of google calender to expert will only be visible if the admin has configured google calender from the admin dashboard